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June 2019

“Pentecost: God Comes Again/”Acts 1: 3-14; Acts 2: 1-8, 12-18, 41-42/Rev. Rodger Allen/6-9-19

By |June 11th, 2019|Sermons|

             More than once, I’ve been in a Bible study group, or in an adult Sunday School class, which began . . . not with a Bible reading, or a teacher presentation, or even a discussion, but with a question. And it was a sincere, wondering question, not one of those just-intended-to-prompt discussion questions. Why, it was asked, do we study and hear so little about the Holy Spirit in church? After all, it is, we profess, one of the three persons of God; co-equal with the one we call “God the Father,” and with Jesus Christ, according to our Book of Confessions. We hear a lot about the activities of God the Creator and Lawgiver and Protector of Israel, and a lot about Jesus – but very little about that third person, the Holy Spirit. Why? […]

June 2017

“Trinity Sunday, More Than a Blip” 6/11/17 Scripture: by Rev. Laurie Williams

By |June 12th, 2017|Sermons|

         Many Winter Olympic fans watch the pairs skating.  It intrigues watchers because of its split-second timing, precision choreography, and daring feats.  For some elements, both skaters perform the same move with perfect symmetry.  Other elements of the routine such as lifts, throws and certain jumps require different movements for the man and woman.  In thinking of “pairs” skating as three people instead of two, it could serve as an illustration of the Trinity. […]

July 2016

“A Double Portion of Love” 6/26/16 Scripture: Galatians 5:13-25, 2 Kings 2:1-3,6-14 by Rev. Laurie Williams

By |July 5th, 2016|Sermons|

            In the Presbyterian tradition, as in many mainline Protestant religions through the ages, we have not referred to the Holy Spirit all that often. We tend to leave that to the Evangelicals and Charismatics.  However, and of course, the Holy Spirit is the ever-present 3rd person of the Trinity (Father/Son/Holy Spirit, all three God in one) and certainly is vastly important to our good discipleship and stewardship, leading us to the best way to live as righteous Christians, as I always say- a righteousness not to be confused with self-righteousness, as we embody and witness to Godly holiness in our lives. […]