What Are You Doing Here? 6-5-16 I Kings 18:20-21, 30-39; I Kings 19: 9-14 Rev. Rodger Allen

By |June 9th, 2016|Sermons|

Our Scripture passages today require a bit of background information, from the stories of the Old Testament: You have heard, I believe, of a king named David, a shepherd boy who killed a giant named Goliath and eventually rose to become the king of all Israel, approximately one thousand years before Jesus was born, 1000 B.C. Under King David, and his son Solomon, the nation of Israel reached its height of prosperity in many ways—it grew to its largest size, in terms of territory; it was safe from its enemies, due to the strength of its armies and the protection of God; it was wealthy, and the envy of surrounding nations; it built a great palace for its king and a great Temple for God; and it was righteous, following the laws of God, so that God blessed it. The age of David and Solomon was the Golden Age for Israel, the time always looked back to, from then on, as the glory days. […]