“Rules and Freedom” 10/8/17 Scripture: Mt. 21:33-43, 45, 46; Ex. 20:1-4, 7-10a, 12-17a/Rev. Laurie Williams

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Rodger really enjoys the beach so we have been to— oh, I don’t know— maybe a dozen or so different beaches in our 26 years of marriage.  I’m not a fan of laying around in the sand and getting sand everywhere on me but I do like to walk along the water’s edge, watch children and sometimes adults building sandcastles with moats, and generally enjoy the festive atmosphere.  Just about all of those beaches had a long set of rules beach-goers were to follow or risk being asked to leave. Rules like: your dog must be leashed at all times; do not go into the water if the red flag is up; do not go into the water if there is no lifeguard present; and do not leave your trash on the beach.  How those rules were to be accomplished were not spelled out.  That was left up to the visitors to decide.  […]