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July 2016

Who Else Is My Neighbor? 7-3.16 Luke 10: 25-37; Deut. 6:1-7; Lev. 19:18 Rev. Rodger Allen & Rev. Laurie Williams

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{The following was presented as a dialogue sermon by Rev. Laurie (“L”) and Rev. Rodger (“R”). The “shift in direction” in the middle of the sermon was suggested by Arthur McGill in his book Suffering.} L: Our New Testament lesson . . . R: Excuse me! Do I understand correctly, that you’re planning to tell us that old Good Samaritan story again this morning? Because my impression of these folks, by now, is that they’re pretty good Christians—they go to church, they know their Bibles. So that’s one story they’ve already heard, and know all about! […]

June 2016

“Good Choices” 6/12/16 Scripture: 1 Kings 21:1-21a; Psalm 5:1-8 by Rev. Laurie Williams

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The commentator Carolyn Sharp explains that “the irony of human power” is that “power weakens those who are most eager to exploit it. The powerful are vulnerable not only to those who would wrest power from them, but also to the corrosive force of their own greed.”           You may remember the ancient Greek story of King Midas who wanted everything he touched to turn to gold.  His greed knew no bounds until he started to starve to death because all the food he touched turned to gold too.  He loses his beloved daughter when he embraces her and she turns to gold.  King Midas didn’t make a very good choice for his life and suffered the consequences. […]

May 2016

“Do You Live In a Bubble?” 5/15/16/John 14:8-17; Romans 8:14-17/Rev. Laurie Williams

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         Do you live in a bubble?  It is quite likely that most of us here live in a bubble of our own making, one that very well suits us and others like us.  Yet, we have the kind of God who has a way of messing with us that may put [...]

September 2015

Some Difficult Teachings to Swallow–Rev. Laurie’s Sermon Sept. 20, 2015

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Some Difficult Teachings to Swallow by Rev. Laurie Williams Matthew 5, selected verses (Sermon on the Mount) September 20, 2015 Some Difficult Teachings to Swallow by Rev. Laurie Williams Matthew 5, selected verses (Sermon on the Mount) September 20, 2015 Rev. Laurie: Jesus was an amazing man, as I imagine you know. One of his [...]

Do Be, Do Be, Doers

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James 1:19-27; Jeremiah 7:1, 5-11 September 6, 2015 by Rev. Laurie Williams Nick Vujicic, born in Australia in 1982, is an inspirational speaker and what he calls a “world-wide evangelist”. There is something very unique about Nick—he has no arms or legs. He was born that way. He was very blessed to have a family [...]