“A Pearl Beyond Price” 7/23/17 Scripture: Matthew 13: 24-30; 44-46 by Rev. Laurie Williams

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            As I have stated but not reiterated, three parables called “kingdom parables” are sandwiched between questions, sometimes hostile questions, to Jesus’ authority and ministry.  Matthew chapter 11 and most of 12 contain multiple stories of opposition to and misunderstanding of what Jesus is teaching and doing.  Chapter 13, after the parables, ends with Jesus’ heart-breaking rejection by his hometown people.  That is why the parables in chapter 13 could be viewed as responding to the dilemma of why does the Gospel message find hospitable space to grow among some people and not others?  According to Feasting on the Word commentary, “Matthew gives us a practical theological explanation of why so many more hear than understand, why more disciples are planted than bear fruit, and which elements are necessary for fruitful discipleship.” […]