Are You A Heretic? Presbyterians and Predestination/ 7-30-17/ Romans 8: 26-30 Matthew 25: 31-40/ Rev. Rodger Allen

By |August 3rd, 2017|Sermons|

               Knighted British actor Sir Rex Harrison starred in many, many movies over the course of his long career, including “Cleopatra” and “Dr. Doolittle,” and in many stage plays as well. But there will be one role he will always be remembered for and identified with far more than any other: that of Professor Henry Higgins in the play and movie “My Fair Lady.” In “My Fair Lady,” Professor Higgins and his friend Colonel Pickering made a bet with each other, as to whether Higgins could take a poor flower girl named Eliza, and teach her to speak and act as an upper-class English lady—or “English lidy,” as Eliza pronounces it. After weeks of training, and many discouragements, and very nearly giving up, Professor Henry Higgins finally succeeded, and won his bet; he took Eliza to a fancy ball, and no one suspected that she was anything but royalty or upper class-born. Afterward, Colonel Pickering acknowledged that he had lost his bet by singing the song, “You Did It” (“because you really did it, you did  it; you said you’d make a woman and indeed you did”)—a song in which he gave all the credit to Professor Higgins, credit which Higgins  not-so-humbly accepted. Neither one of them ever acknowledged Eliza’s  effort and accomplishment, even though she was standing right there in the room with them. […]