Homecoming 10-29-17 Deut. 1:3, 5:32-6:9, 6:13 Josh. 24: 1, 14-18 Rev. Rodger Allen

By |November 8th, 2017|Sermons|

             On the Sundays we have read from the Old Testament, in the last few weeks, those passages have been from the Exodus story, which began with the Hebrew people in slavery in Egypt, in approximately the year 1250 BC. We heard about God’s call to Moses, through a burning bush, to lead the people out of slavery; of “God the Provider,” of food and water and safety and protection, on that journey. We heard God give the people the Ten Commandments and the other laws which would guide how they lived, at one of their stops on their journey across the wilderness. And now . . . well we don’t want to just leave the Hebrew people sitting out there in the desert, do we? For one thing, being there isn’t the end of the story, isn’t their fate—and we need to remind ourselves just how the story did end, and how God kept the promises made to them. […]