October 2019

“One Gave Thanks”/Luke 17: 11-19, Psalm 107: 1-3, 15/Rev. Rodger Allen/10-27-19  

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By this time in Jesus’ ministry, the time of his final journey to Jerusalem, he was well-known as a teacher and a healer throughout the countryside around Jerusalem and Galilee. By this time, it would come as no surprise when he was recognized and approached by those wanting help. In this story, the ones wanting help are ten people suffering from a bad skin disease, ten whom we have come to know as “lepers.” Lepers, as you may know, may have been the most feared and rejected members of Middle Eastern society. Some people thought their disease was a punishment sent by God because they were bad people; others thought the condition was terribly contagious. It turns out both were wrong. Whatever the reason, they were outcasts, “untouchables,” given up as permanently lost and virtually dead. If we were to describe them in the “Upstairs Downstairs” terms of last month’s sermon, we would have to put them in the lowest basement. […]

April 2017

“Events of Jesus’ Life: 16. Resurrection”/Matthew 28: 1-10, 16-20/Psalm 118: 14-24 4-16-17/Rev. Rodger Allen

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For fifteen weeks now, we have been looking at the events of Jesus’ life.  We started at Christmas, when we heard once again the story of his birth. We looked at his baptism, as an adult, by John the Baptist; and the temptations he faced in the wilderness as he tried to figure out, as [...]