March 2018

“Joy and Laughter Comes from the Divine” 2/18/18 Scripture: Gen 18:1-4, 9-15; Proverbs selected passages on love, joy, laughter/by Rev. Laurie Williams

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          Last week I preached my first sermon of a two-part series about the Theology of Humor.  Its title is “Humor that Is Divine.”  I talked about Ali Kay Wood’s experience of her mother driving them to a wedding with the two-tiered wedding cake on her lap that ended up smashing into the dashboard with icing flying everywhere, when her mother made a turn that was too sharp.  After the initial horror and shock at the situation, they both began to laugh uncontrollably.  Ms. Wood found that laughter cathartic as it freed them from the anxiety over the situation.  She explained that the laughter came from God, deep within her soul.           I mentioned a 2011 University of Oxford study that discovered laughter releases mood-boosting endorphins, increase pain tolerance by as much as 10%, increases blood flow by 22% and protects you against the ill effects of stress.  We heard “a laugh or two a day keeps the doctor away!”  […]

February 2018

“Humor that is Divine” 2/11/18 Scripture: Mt 5:4-5; 7:1-5; 23:23-24; Eccl 3:1-8; Ps 52:1-8 by Rev. Laurie Williams

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            This is actually Part 1 of 2 parts, the second of which I will preach on next week even though it is the first Sunday in Lent.  I have a lot more research and fun stuff I want to share with you.           AliKay Wood posted this article back in the Fall:  “It was 45 minutes to my cousin’s wedding reception in Nashville, Tennessee, and my mom was driving. I had my cousin’s vanilla-frosted, two-tier wedding cake on my lap.  My mom made a sharp left turn, and the box went flying.  The cake was smashed against the dashboard. Frosting was smeared all over the inside of the rental car. […]