Traveling Light/ 6-18-17/ Luke 6: 12-19; Mark 6: 7-13/ Rev. Rodger Allen

By |June 20th, 2017|Sermons|

During these summer months, when vacations happen, as we plan trips to the beach, trips to the mountains, or trips to see family and friends, we try to be prepared for those trips. Such trips involve packing, of course—trying to think of, and to fit into the suitcase and into the car and onto the plane, everything we’re going to need while we’re on the trip. The following scene, which was common in my family, is probably not unfamiliar to you either: Dad is packing the car for a week’s vacation, trying to take advantage of every possible cubic inch of space in the station wagon, arranging suitcases first one way then another, putting things in then taking them back out, asking “What’s left in there?” and “Do we really need to take this?” The kids are making the trips back and forth from the garage, carrying the last few items, while trying to calculate when to make the last trip to the bathroom. Mom is finishing up packing the lunch, and thinking “what else should we be taking” and “why do I have the feeling I’m forgetting something.” […]