Updated Current Worship Practices:

As of July 28, pandemic recommendations from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention and Illinois Department of Health (which had said fully vaccinated people did not need masks and social distancing) had changed due to an increase in COVID cases and a more contagious new variant. Now the recommendation is that everyone wear a mask in indoor settings IF they are in an area with substantial or high transmission rates. Edgar County is listed as “high” as of August 10. 

If you would like to follow the recommendation, here is what we have been doing: 

  • Sitting only where there is a hymnal on the pew results in a six-feet distance.
  • Masking as we enter and exit.
  • Singing with masks on, or softly or to oneself.
  • Putting offerings in the plates at the rear of the sanctuary.
  • Depositing bulletins in the wastebasket at the back as we leave.

Thank you to everyone who helped in any way with August 7’s “free rummage sale.” Special thanks to Carolyn Brown Hodge, for bringing us the idea, and then making it happen!

 The deadline for the September/October church newsletter, The Profile, is Sunday, August 29.

 Happy Birthday!

       August 15     Mindy Lolie

                     16     Emma Scott

                     17     Kay McCulloch

                      21     Mellie McCollough

                      22    LaNee Pfeiffer


In the coming week, please pray for:

  • Our church,
  • Yourself,
  • Laurie,
  • Rodger,
  • Alice Sprague,
  • Our nation and her leaders,
  • Kenisha Davis,
  • Virginia Collier,
  • Camille Foley,
  • Judy Landes,
  • An end to the Coronavirus