Hi congregation.

The National Day of Prayer is an annual event on the first Thursday in May.  The Paris Ministerial Fellowship usually observes it with a breakfast event at Tuscany’s, involving music, sometimes a speaker, and a prayer time together.  This year, of course, we will be unable to do that.  As a “stay at home” alternative, several congregations are offering to take one hour of the day, and encouraging their members to pray, some time during that hour, for whatever aspects of our community and nation you wish.  Our hour will be from 2 PM to 3 PM on Thursday May 7.  You may wish to pray, for example, for our community, state, and national political leaders; or our schools and their children; or for those serving in the military; or some other aspect of our community life.  There will be an article in this Saturday’s Prairie Press which may suggest other ideas too. Please consider taking part, as this year we pray “together, alone”.