Our Lent and Holy Week worship services and activities fall between February 22 and April 9 this year, so this “cover page” may be a helpful place to have them all spelled out together.

Ash Wednesday, Feb. 22 – The season of Lent begins with “Ash Wednesday” on Feb. 22. We began this season of preparation for Holy Week with a worship service at 7 P.M. which included an introduction to the Season of Lent. It featured the imposition of ashes, various forms of prayer, an anthem from the choir, and the praying together for our joys and concerns.

  • Sunday worship in LentOur Sunday morning worship services in Lent begin with our Feb. 27 service, which included the celebration of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. The choir will feature special anthems about Jesus’ journey to the cross throughout the season.
  • Daily DevotionsA variety of daily devotional guides for the season of Lent will be available on a table by the Koinonia Kafe. Some are specifically for children, some for families to do together, and some for adults. Please choose one, and make your observance of this season a daily event.
  • Wednesdays, March 1 through March 29, Noon- 12:30

The annual Wednesday Noon Lenten worship services, open to the whole community. All are held in our sanctuary. A half-hour worship service begins at Noon, featuring special music by a soloist or small group, the opportunity for prayer and reflection, and a short (only five minutes!) message from one of our Paris church ministers. Please consider attending and invite a friend from another church or with no church home to come with you.

  • Helping Those in Need – During Lent we distribute envelopes and fish-shaped boxes for the “One Great Hour of Sharing” offering. Our main collection date is Easter Sunday, April 9, so you can drop coins into your “fish” throughout the season, or you may turn in your donation any time. The income is divided between the Presbyterian Hunger Program, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and Self-Development of People (more information is available at pcusa.org/oghs).
  • Sunday, April 2, 10:30 A.M. – Palm Sunday worship begins with our annual joyous procession with palm branches, and then gradually moves toward the more sobering story of later on in Holy Week. Be part of the celebration and the reflection.

 Thursday, April 6, 7 P.M. – Maundy Thursday worship, with the New Providence congregation once again invited to join us. The sequence of Bible readings and songs (anthems, hymns, and solos), somewhat like the “Lessons and Carols” format of Christmas Eve, also includes the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, when we reach “the Last Supper” part of the story, and a gradually darkening sanctuary, as we approach the darkness of Good Friday. Come and appreciate what Jesus did for us.

 Friday, April 7, Noon – Community Good Friday service, provided by Paris Ministerial This year’s service will be held at First Christian Church, and they will provide lunch following the service.

 Friday, April 7, 7 P.M. – Good Friday worship at New Providence Presbyterian Church. As in past years, the New Providence congregation is invited to join us Thursday evening, and then we go there Friday evening. It always proves to be a meaningful worship service.

 Sunday, April 9, 10:30 A.M – joyous EASTER WORSHIP! Come and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with your church family in our beautiful sanctuary. Worship will include special Easter hymns and anthems.

  Please take the opportunity to make this special season a time to grow in

your faith and discipleship.  




    Lent – The season of Lent runs from February 22 and April 8 this year, and was described in the January-February issue. It ends as Easter Sunday dawns, beginning the fifty-day season of Easter.

    Yes, Easter is a whole season, not just one day, in the Christian calendar. For seven weeks, beginning April 9 this year, “a week of Sundays,” we acclaim the resurrection of Christ by the power of God. This period of seven weeks of jubilation runs to the Day of Pentecost (May 28 this year). Our Scripture readings in worship focus on the appearances of the risen Lord to His disciples, and on the early days of the church they began.



    Our April 6 Maundy Thursday service will include the telling of the story of the Last Supper and Good Friday in Scripture and song. If you would like to be a reader of one of the Bible lessons, contact Rev. Rodger or call the church office at 465-5118. The readings will be provided on a nice large print page. Readers of all ages are welcome.  



_____ I/We will give $ _______ to the Deacons Fund with the  understanding that the flower will be delivered to a special person.

_____ I/We will give $ _______ to the Deacons Fund and would like to take a flower home  following the Easter service.

Average cost of flowers: $16.25

   If your gift is a memorial or in honor of a loved one, please include

this below for inclusion in the Easter bulletin.

 Memorial/In Honor of (please circle memorial or in honor):


 Please sign here and bring or mail to the church


Sanctuary choir news

The Wednesday noon Lenten services are almost completed – our 30th year! Can you believe it? I hope you attended as many as possible and support the pastors and musicians. The final service is Wednesday,  March 29.

I say this every year, I know: there is so much beautiful music written for the season of Lent. Some of the choir’s favorite anthems are sung during this season, and especially on Maundy Thursday. Speaking of Maundy Thursday, please mark it on your calendar right now: April 6 at 7 P.M.

            The time is past for New Year’s resolutions, but how about some Lenten resolutions? For example:

  1. Come to church at least 3 out of 4 Sundays in March (hope you did).
  2. Attend at least one Bible Study.
  1. Read a Lenten devotional every day (I have been very unfaithful on this one, but I’m going to try to do better).
  2. Please come to church on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter. They are very special services that deserve attention and our attendance.

            Thank you, choir members, for the anthems you share. May this be a blessed Lenten season for all of us as individuals and as a congregation.



From a letter about this year’s offering:

  “This year we celebrate the 74th anniversary of One Great Hour of Sharing, an annual outpouring of Christian generosity that continues to transform lives around the nation and the globe—from South Sudan to South Carolina, from Puerto Rico to the Philippines. In 1949, the Presbyterian Church and other Christian groups came together to answer this challenge: How much money can we raise in an hour to address the suffering in the world? Eventually twenty denominations joined this effort to make the love of Christ real for individuals and communities around the world who suffer from the effects of disaster, violence, and/or severe economic deprivation. The visionary people who gave birth to One Great Hour of Sharing wanted to show the power that can be generated when Christians unite in a common cause.

      Today, the offering’s purpose remains the same, and the need for the life-changing work of One Great Hour of Sharing is greater than ever.   

    “The season of Lent reminds us who we are, who we serve, and how we are called to live lives of faith. One Great Hour of Sharing presents us a wonderful opportunity to answer the call to Christian discipleship. When you and your congregation participate in One Great Hour of Sharing, you are changing lives in Christ’s name through the ministries of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Presbyterian Hunger Program, and Self-Development of People. From initial disaster responses to ongoing community development, your gifts provide safety, sustenance, and hope to individuals and communities in need.”

    Easter Sunday is the main collection date for the offering, April 9th this year, but you may contribute any time. Envelopes, information, and coin boxes for the kids are on the table by the Koinonia Kafe, and the table at the rear of the sanctuary.

 The “Exploring Our Faith” discussion group meets on Mondays from 5:15 to 6:30 in the Koinonia Kafe. Our unit for the season of Lent is on stories of Jesus’ interactions with women. As they became His disciples, what can we learn from them to improve our discipleship? (There is the option of going out to dinner together following each session.)


1        Tom Bradshaw

3        Ann Sisneros

          Sidney  Jipp

11      Tyler Penczek

          Nancy O’Bannon

13      Chris Clawson

21      Rodger Allen

23      Joyce Mason

27      Virginia Collier



3 Jerry and Trudy Arrasmith  

5 David and Georgeina Boland

16 Joe and Heidi McVicker



2      Scott Russell

        Logan Spung

5      Brian Blair

7      Richard Franklin

8      Fred Pfeiffer

11    Juanita Kimball

15    Annalee Blair

17    Linda Lindsey

18    Chris Schilling

19    Karol Farris Schilling

         Brittany Scott

20    Macsdyn Mae Blair

21    Elizabeth Robson

Georgeina Boland

24    Kevin Farris

        Marsha DeVore

27    Cole McCulloch

28    Alicia Howrey Planincic

30    Kenisha Davis

        Matt Boland

         Ethan Craun


Our “Church Family of the Week” program gives us a chance to lift up a different family (group or individual) of our congregation each week, include them in our daily prayer for our families and friends, and to send cards or greetings or in some other way to let them know we are glad they are part of our church family. The “Church Family of the Week” is listed in our Sunday bulletins. If you missed one or more of those recent announcements, I’ll bet those families wouldn’t mind if you prayed for them this week. Those recently listed are:


Vicky and George Wilson

Tiger Senior Apts.

390 S. Main St., Unit 106, Paris


Kathy Smilie

2 Crawford Court, Paris


Ruth Anthony

704 E. Court St., Paris


Kenisha Davis

(cards can be sent to church office)


Sally Acklin

1213 N. High St, Paris



. . . posted on the bulletin board in the Assembly Room:

  • There is a photo of residents of a village in Malawi. They are gathered around the water well we provided, through our donation, and which is labelled “from the Presbyterian Church of Paris, Illinois.” From the thank you letter: “3,855 wells were built in 202, providing an estimated 385, 500 of the extreme poor (including 231,000 children) with a sustainable source of safe drinking water. Thank you for being part of the solution!”


  • A thank you certificate from Heifer International, including photos of their work. “Heifer International gratefully recognizes Paris Presbyterian Church for your contribution of healthy animals and training in their care to help struggling families overcome a life of hunger and poverty.”



. . . received in the last couple months:

“On behalf of Presbyterian Mission, please allow me to express our appreciation to you for your generous and faithful support. It changes people’s lives and helps other receive a glimpse of God around the world.”

 “We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your generous donation towards helping your fellow community members that need it the most, through the Meals on Wheels program. Your donation helps bring nutritious meals to the tables of neighbors that many not have the accessibility to do so themselves.”

 “Your generosity speaks volumes about your commitment to the children of Kemmerer Village. Our children are experiencing Christ’s love because of your support. “

  “THANK YOU for your donation to the Paris Community Nurse and Welfare Association. We appreciate your support.”

“I am moved by your generosity as you join us in standing with women, men, and children in the wake of emergencies and disasters. Church World Service.”

 “Your thoughtful contribution will help us continue to provide free services to empower the healing of sexual assault survivors. We appreciate your community support. Survivor Resource Center.” (Offices in Paris and Danville)

 “Thanks to your gifts, our church through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has been able to carry an embrace of hope in many places, from families affected by wildfires and hurricanes in the U.S. to war refugees on the outskirts of Ukraine.”

“Thank you for your continued and generous support of Food for Kids of Paris, IL. Your generosity helps us in our efforts to supply food for kids (183) each weekend of the school year.”