Developments keep happening every day, including new state of Illinois regulations and Center for Disease Control recommendations.  As for now, March 16, at least as long as there are no reports of cases in Edgar County, Paris Presbyterian Church continues its normal operations, including Sunday morning worship at 10:30, and Wednesdays at Noon community worship.

It is looking more likely that we will not be able to offer the usual lunch after the March 25 and April 1 services.

Individuals who consider themselves to be at higher risk or just aren’t comfortable coming to public gatherings should feel free to opt out.  If you attend a church that has temporarily closed, we invite you to join us during that time.  If you know someone who attends such a church, please invite them, assuring them we will not try to recruit them!

Since some congregations are located in areas where the virus has shown up, some precautions have been suggested for worship and other church gatherings.  These are all optional; each individual should feel free to make his or her own decision:

  • Greet one another with elbow bumps or bowing to one another or warm words, rather than handshakes or hugs
  • Sit the “recommended six feet apart social distance” from one another – every other pew, for example
  • The recommended hand-washing we have all heard about, right before you leave the church building or as you arrive home
  • You may want to consider not using public water fountains
  • Urge anybody not feeling well to stay home and out of direct contact with others.

Some steps we are taking as a church:

  • Enhanced sanitizing of surfaces such as countertops and door knobs and handles
  • We will ask you to pick up your own worship bulletin from a stack at the back of the sanctuary before worship, to minimize how many people handle it before you get it
  • We will ask you to put your offering in a plate at the back of the sanctuary, rather than passing plates from person to person during worship.

We will continue to update you if there are any changes, or other suggestions we can pass along.  And as a member said in worship March 15, give thanks for your church family, for you know we will take care of each other, and can reach out to one another if any of us are in need of anything.

–Rev. Rodger Allen