The Blessing Box in front of the Police station on Washington St.

    In December, Rev. Laurie, by a Mission Task Force decision, put together 12 hygiene kits for people in Paris in need of assistance. The kits are stuffed with all kinds of necessities for daily life.  She put a few in the Paris’ Blessings Box, located by the police station, and some more are waiting to go in on the counter in the small sitting room outside the Assembly Room. 

     Many people put food in the Blessings Box, but MTF found out from Jessica Blair (Jane’s daughter-n-law who coordinates the effort) that they had hoped more toiletries and the like would be put in the Box. 

     Laurie shopped for many items to include in the kits:  2 toothbrushes and a small toothpaste (donated by Laurie’s dentist- Dr. Jason Graham,) a comb, an emery board, Band-Aids, hand sanitizer, shampoo and conditioner, full-sized bar of soap, deodorant , 3 vapor drops, hand lotion, a razor , Chap stick, and, for good measure, a little votive candle.  She got most of the items from the Dollar Store and a couple from Walmart.

     YOU COULD DO THE SAME if you would like to put together a couple kits of the items you choose to go in the blessings box.  I’m sure individually wrapped toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and Kleenex would be helpful too.

     Prayerfully consider if God is calling you to help others in our community by putting together kits or individual items in the Blessings Box.  This is a wonderful service of the Paris community.