We participated in the “Souper Bowl of Caring” February 12, putting donations in either the soup pot for the Eagles or the soup pot for the Chiefs. All the money went to the Edgar County Food Pantry. If  you would like to add your contribution, please mail it to the church.    


   Thank you to those who attended the Annual Congregational Meeting February 12. Copies of the Annual written reports are available through the church office.


    Our “Church Person of the Week” is Ruth Anthony. Please think of her and include her in your prayers – and look for some way to let her know you are glad she is part of our church family! Cards would reach her at 704 E. Court St., Apt. 16, Paris.


            The “Exploring Our Faith” group will meet February 13 from 5:15 to 6:30, in the Koinonia Kafe. Now that we have finished our DVD on the lives of Jesus’ original twelve disciples, we will move on to one about one of the most famous apostles: Paul. There is the option of going out to dinner together following the session.


        Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has set up an account to help the people of Syria and Turkey affected by the recent earthquake. On the back table there are copies of the bulletin insert describing the damage, and how people can contribute. You can also make your check out to this church, and label it “PDA – Earthquake.”


Our Next Two Sundays:

February 19 – “Transfiguration of the Lord”; see Matthew 17: 1-9

February 26 – First Sunday in Lent; Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper


Ash Wednesday, February 22 – The season of Lent begins with “Ash Wednesday” on February 22. We will begin this season of preparation for Holy Week with a joint 7:00 worship service here with New Providence Church. It will feature the imposition of ashes for all who would like to participate, various forms of prayer, an anthem from the choir, and the opportunity for individual prayer, silently or with a pastor.


In this week’s mail: (1) A picture of the well we provided in Malawi, through Marion Medical Mission, and (2) a thank you certificate from Heifer International, with photos of their work. Both items are on the bulletin board in the Assembly Room.