Paris Presbyterian Church

 As part of our August 30 worship service, we congratulated our three members who recently received their high school diplomas!

  • Kenisha Davis
  • Autumn Lewis
  • Gwyneth Blair

Seven-Day Prayer Challenge for our schools:

Sunday: Pray for Peace

Monday: Pray for Staff & Faculty

Tuesday: Pray for Parents

Wednesday: Pray for Students          

Thursday: Pray for Health & Safety

Friday: Pray for Hope

Saturday: Pray for Protection


Preparation of the September/October issue of our newsletter, the “Profile,” is underway. If you have something you would like to contribute, please submit it to the church office.


     Rev. Rodger will be on vacation from September 2 to 9. Administrative Assistant Jeanette Levellie will have contact information, in case of pastoral care emergency.


Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has set up an account to help the people, including many farmers, impacted by the derecho storm that struck Iowa and northern Illinois. Contributions can be made through the church or the PDA website; please use account number DR000015.


Worship at New Providence: Our annual joint outdoor worship service with the New Providence congregation will take place at 10:00 (note start time!) on Sunday September 13. We will not be able to enjoy a picnic lunch together this year, but can enjoy the worship together. Please bring lawn chairs if you have them.    


     The ecumenical women’s Bible study group conducted by local women affiliated with Bible Study Fellowship International resumes, after a summer break, at 11 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 17, in the Koinonia Kafe. It will meet every Thursday at that time; all women are invited.


Every year our church offers the chance to participate in the Presbyterian Church USA’s four annual “Special Offerings,” each for their own unique projects, as well as a couple special offerings for some specific congregational projects. Usually these offerings are spread out through the calendar year, but this year there was a big chunk of that calendar in which we did not meet for worship! So between now and October, we will offer you the chance to “catch up” with whichever of the offerings you would like.

We do not expect everyone to give to everything; here are your choices:

  • Early August – One Great Hour of Sharing (disaster assistance, hunger programs, self-development of people)
  • Late August – Pentecost Offering (programs for children, youth, young adults)
  • September – Our own Deacons’ ministries
  • October – Peace and Global Witness (local, regional, and worldwide peacemaking efforts)

Information on what each offering is used for will be provided: August 30’s  inserts describe some of the programs of the Pentecost Offering. Each congregation is to retain 40% of its offering, to go to a local project benefitting young people; our 40% will go to “Hopes and Dreams,” the shelter for homeless youth currently under development.


Christie Russell is leaving photographs of various church events through the years, such as VBS, Sunday School classses, and Victorian Luncheons, in the church office. Members can stop by to see them, and to take the ones they want. Thank you, Christie!

In the coming week, please pray for:

  • Our church, Yourself, Laurie, Rev. Rodger, Our nation and her leaders,
  • Alice Sprague, Betty Dahlin, Margie Taflinger, Virginia Collier,
  • Kathy and Ilse Smilie, Ruff’s niece Amy Eaker Lair, Jillian Hebermehl: cancer,
  • Kenisha Davis, Jana Tyler, Camille Foley, Vicky Wilson, Grace DiPasquale: cancer,
  • Barbara Bergdolt: gastroparesis & several other health issues,
  • Kay & Gary Hayes: recurrence of cancer in Gary,
  • All healthcare workers and their families
  • Students, teachers, and parents as school resumes,
  • Jeannie Kerrick: heart issues and pain in back and hip,
  • Kay Ann & Dan Becher: upcoming heart tests & procedures,
  • Daryl (cancer) & Janet ((dementia & heart problems),
  • An end to the Coronavirus & healing for those affected,


Please remember these with a card, call, email, or text



Aug.  31          Tom Hebermehl        


Sept.   2           Kay LeMosy

            3          Todd Bergdolt

            4          Lisa McCollough