Thank you to all who attended and helped prepare for the February 28 Congregational Meeting. Copies of the Annual Report distributed that day are available on the table at the rear of the sanctuary, or through the church office.

       We will collect our annual One Great Hour of Sharing Offering again this year; the main collection date will be Easter Sunday, April 4, but you may contribute at any time. Envelopes, information, and coin boxes for the kids are on the table by the Koinonia Kafe, and  at the rear of the Sanctuary.

Wednesday Lent Services     We are once again hosting a Wednesday Lent series of worship services this year, for the entire Paris community, from Noon to 12:30 (We will not be able to offer the usual lunches after, in this pandemic year). The next service is this Wednesday, March 24. Barbara Dick and Peg Dixon will provide the music, and Pastor Troy Horne, from Otterbein and Vermilion Methodist Churches, the message.

NEXT SUNDAY: Palm Sunday worship begins with our annual joyous celebration with palm branches, before turning to the more sobering stories later in Holy Week.

         A continuing mission effort of the Otterbein and Vermilion Methodist churches is their Red  Bird Mission Team, which makes annual trips to Appalachia to help with housing and education needs. One of their current fundraising efforts is selling Easter Rice Krispy Treats. Please contact the Otterbein Church office (217-463-2515) if you would like to order some. You would need to pick them up March 28.


   Our April 1 Maundy Thursday service will include the telling of the story of the Last Supper and Good Friday in Scripture and song. If you would like to be a reader of one of the Bible lessons, contact Rev. Rodger or call the church office at 465-5118. The readings will be provided on a nice large print page. Readers of all ages are welcome.

There will NOT be a Good Friday evening service at New Providence Presbyterian Church this year, due to pandemic complications. We will include the telling of the Good Friday stories in our Maundy Thursday service; and there is a Community Good Friday service at Noon at First Baptist Church April 2, followed by lunch.


March            23        Joyce Mason                                   

                        27        Virginia Collier

 In the coming week, please pray for:

  • Our church, Yourself, Rev.
  • Laurie, Rev. Rodger,
  • Alice Sprague, Our nation and her leaders,
  • Kenisha Davis, Virginia Collier,
  • Camille Foley, Teachers & Students,
  • Jodi Thierl: cancer, Pam Brown: cancer,
  • Janet Galbreath (Scott Blair’s mother-in-law): health issues,
  • Laurie’s nephew Brandon: Covid aftereffects
  • Healthcare workers and their families,
  • An end to Covid 19 and healing for those affected

 Send a greeting:

John O’Bannon

Marshall Rehab and Nursing

410 N. 2nd St.

Marshall, IL 62441