The season of Advent, when we prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus, runs from November 29 to December 24 this year. We have a variety of Advent daily devotional booklets displayed on the table in the hallway, and invite you to take your pick! We also have daily open-a-window Advent calendars for the children. Or here is another option: Pittsburgh Theological Seminary is offering a daily online devotional. You can find it at: And new this year: an online devotional from the Presbyterian Church (USA), at



   For several years, our Membership and Evangelism Committee has organized a day for us to ring the Salvation Army bell at a Paris store, so we could help with their effort to provide for local people in need. This year, to keep from putting our members at virus risk by ringing in public, the committee has found a different way for us to help: we will have our own red kettle here in the church Sunday, December 13, and invite your donations, that day or by mail to the church, to be supplemented by a contribution from our Mission Task Force. Please consider whether you can give.

December 24 at 11 P.M.

    Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols service is so meaningful. It features wonderful special music and the telling of the Christmas Story through a series of lessons read from the Bible, as well as a candle lighting ceremony sung to “Silent Night.” What a way to bring in Christmas day as we finish at midnight (An offering plate will be available, with all gifts going to the Paris Ministerial Fellowship Assistance Fund). If you are willing to take a reading, please tell Rev. Rodger. All ages are welcome to read.

In the coming week, please pray for:

  • Our church, Yourself,
  • Laurie, Rev. Rodger,
  • Our nation and her leaders,
  • Alice Sprague, Betty Dahlin,
  • Margie Taflinger, Virginia Collier,
  • Kathy and Ilse Smilie,
  • Christie Russell’s sister & Alan’s brother: cancer,
  • Kenisha Davis, Camille Foley,
  • Barbara Bergdolt, Dave Barrett,
  • Mike Craun’s daughter, Elizabeth & husband, Garry: covid,
  • All healthcare workers and their families,
  • Richard Melendez: Brain bleed and dementia,
  • Daryl (cancer) & Janet (dementia & heart problems),
  • Students, teachers, and parents,
  • An end to the Coronavirus & healing for those affected


Please remember these with a text, call, card, or email.


CHRISTMAS POINSETTIAS – 2020    Deacons Fundraiser         Deadline: Sunday, December 13


______I/We will give $ ________ to the Deacon’s Fund with the understanding

that the poinsettia will be delivered to a special person.


______I/We will give $ ________ to the Deacon’s Fund and would like to take a poinsettia to a special person following the Christmas service.


The suggested donation is $20.00 each; any gift above that goes to the work of the Deacons. 

If your gift is a memorial or in honor of a loved one, please list the

person(s) below for inclusion in the Christmas bulletin.


Memorial/In Honor:








Signed: ____________________________________________________


  We will be doing a simpler-than-usual socially-distanced

Christmas decorating of the Sanctuary

on Saturday, December 12 at 10 A.M.

If you can help, it would be appreciated.