Paris Presbyterian Church Announcements for week of 11-15-2020

 For Elders, whether you are currently on Session or not: There will be a Zoom meeting of the Presbytery, addressing the kind of business we usually take up this time of year, on Thursday November 19 from 9:50 A.M. to 12:15. If you would like to be the Elder representing our church, please notify Rev. Rodger or  the church office, and we will forward the link to you.

 The deadline for submitting articles or information for the December issue of the church newsletter, the “Profile,” is Sunday November 22.

    The November issue of the newsletter included an invitation to attend First Christian Church’s Thanksgiving service on Sunday evening November 22. That church  regrets to announce that that service has been cancelled.

  In the coming week, please pray for:

  • Our church, Yourself, Rev. Laurie, Rev. Rodger,
  • Our nation and her leaders,
  • Alice Sprague, Betty Dahlin, Margie Taflinger, Virginia Collier,
  • Kathy and Ilse Smilie, Christie Russell’s sister & Alan’s brother: cancer,
  • Family of Tom Ray at his passing, Jim Randall’s family at his passing,
  • Kenisha Davis, and her Uncle, Jason (Covid)
  • Camille Foley, Barbara Bergdolt,
  • Kay & Gary Hayes: recurrence of cancer in Gary,
  • Dave Barrett: hospitalized with Coronavirus,
  • Pam Brown: upcoming surgery, All healthcare workers and their families,
  • Richard Melendez: Brain bleed and dementia,
  • Daryl (cancer) & Janet (dementia & heart problems),
  • Students, teachers, and parents, an end to the Coronavirus


Please remember these with a text, call, card, or email.