Paris Presbyterian Church

Announcements, week of 1-10-2021

Offering envelopes for 2021 are available in the back of the sanctuary. If you have any questions, please see Susan Farris.

There is a new flower sign-up sheet for 2021 on the bulletin board in the Assembly Room. Please sign up if you wish to give flowers in memory of loved ones in the new year.

Thank you to all who helped take down and put away our Christmas decorations yesterday.

Christie and Alan Russell’s new address:
T. Alan and Christie Russell
1120 East Davis Dr. Apt. #639, Terre Haute, IN 47802

We Need Your Help with Per Capita: We encourage you to pay your per capita this year, in addition to your pledge. Per capita is the annual per member “dues” our church pays to the larger governing bodies of the Presbyterian Church—Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly—to allow their mission work to take place. For 2021, $42 is the per member apportionment. If you are willing and able, please help out our church budget by paying your per capita. You may write a check to “The Presbyterian Church” and indicate ‘per capita’ on the memo line. Special blue “per capita” envelopes are on the table at the rear of the sanctuary, or you may use any envelope marked “per capita.” Thank you.

An Announcement from Session, Regarding Our Annual Meeting

For this pandemic winter of 2020-21 only, we will ask the congregation to forgo the usual fourth Sunday of January after-worship luncheon and full-length congregational meeting. Instead, once a 2021 Budget has been prepared, we will call a brief sanctuary congregational meeting following a worship service, to conduct the following business:
1. To vote yes or no to extend the terms of all current officers for one year.
2. To vote on the proposed terms of call for the pastor for 2021.
Session will vote on the rest of the 2021 Budget, as always, and copies will be made available to the congregation. The usual financial reports from the Treasurer will also be made available, when ready. Any other church group who wishes to write up an annual report may do so, but with so many of our activities being limited this year, that is optional.
We are aware that this proposal is technically in violation of a couple phrases in our church Constitution/By-Laws, but feel that the emergency circumstances of this pandemic year make this the safest most responsible way to proceed.
In the coming week, please pray for:
 Our church, Yourself,
 Rev. Laurie, Rev. Rodger,
 Our nation and her leaders,
 Alice Sprague, Betty Dahlin,
 Virginia Collier, Kathy and Ilse Smilie,
 Kenisha Davis, Camille Foley,
 Barbara Bergdolt, family of Connie Houston,
 Healthcare workers and their families,
 Students, teachers, and parents,
 An end to the Coronavirus & healing for those affected
Please remember these with a text, call, card, or email.

January 10 Brian O’Bannon
11 Samantha (Turner) Elliot
12 Sara (Jewell) Mood
13 Alan Russell
14 Robert Sprague
Becher McCoy Blair

Marshall Rehab and Nursing Center
410 N. 2nd St.
Marshall, IL 62441