March 2018

Icing, Deck Chairs, Whitewashed Tombs Rev. Rodger Allen 2-4-18 I Samuel 8:1-6a, 19-22, II Samuel 7:1-13, II Chronicles 36: 11-21

By |March 5th, 2018|Sermons|

Have you ever set out to bake a cake and, despite all your best efforts to spread the batter in the pan evenly, and not tip the pan, and set the pan in the oven so that it’s level . . . the cake comes out of the oven not level? Slanted? One end of the cake two inches high and the other end only 1 ½ inches high? What do you do? You try to disguise the unevenness with the icing, right? You spread the icing on thicker at the thin end of the cake, and thinner at the thick end of the cake, to try to even out the height, so no one will ever know. And it usually works, especially when you give the thick-icing pieces to people whose favorite part of the cake is the icing. Icing can cover up all sorts of “cake errors.” […]

December 2017

“Christ in Christmas Is a Supplement” 12/10/17 Scripture: Mt 1:18-25; Isa 7:10-16 by Rev. Laurie Williams

By |December 11th, 2017|Sermons|

            In last week’s meditation, I mentioned that this special holiday season is very difficult for some people.  The following story is excerpted from a true story a blog writer tells, of a story he heard a priest preach one Advent concerning the priest’s Christmas experience several decades ago.  It highlights this difficulty, ending with an important lesson for us.  It is called, “A Joyous Christmas.” […]

May 2017

“LifeStyle or Life of Substance” 4/30/17 Scripture: 1 Peter 13-14, 18-25a; Acts 2:14a, 36-47 by Rev. Laurie Williams

By |May 1st, 2017|Sermons|

         As you know, we are in the Easter Season which runs until Pentecost Sunday in early June.  Easter is not simply one celebratory day out of our Christian calendar; it is an entire season of the church year.  We could even proclaim that our celebration of resurrected life, a new life in Jesus Christ [...]

April 2017

“Events of Jesus’ Life 14 Beginning In-Between End” 4/9/17 Scripture: Mark 11:1-21/Rev. Laurie Williams

By |April 10th, 2017|Sermons|

          As you know by now, today is Palm Sunday.  This is the day we celebrate Jesus’ joyous welcome on the road to Jerusalem around the time of the Passover Feast when many pilgrims would have been coming to Jerusalem.  As you know, Palm Sunday is always the Sunday before Easter.  The use of the [...]

February 2017

Events of Jesus’ Life: 5. Ministry Begins 1-29-17 Matthew 4:12-17; Matthew 4: 18-25 Rev. Rodger Allen

By |February 15th, 2017|Sermons|

There have been many movie and TV versions of the story of “Superman”—and there may be more  “reboots” in the works now: I have lost track. The one I know best starred Christopher Reeve and came out in the late 1970’s. Superman was born, says that movie, on the planet Krypton, in a society with [...]