October 2017

“Bold Peace for Reconciliation” 10/1/17 World Wide Communion Sunday Scripture: Mt 5:38-45a; Ex 1 Rev. Laurie Williams

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            Our Gospel passage is part of what is commonly known as the Sermon on the Mount.  Many scholars see a connection between the Law of Moses in Exodus and Jesus’ teachings in this particular Sermon.  Jesus was teaching his disciples and, as was often the case, a large crowd of people joined them and listened to Jesus who was becoming known as a wise rabbi.  Before our passage, in chapter 4, Jesus proclaimed, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.”  ‘What Jesus meant by “Repent” was:  Do away with your shallowness and your sinful ways and turn to God who is solely good so that by this you will be reconciled to the Lord. […]

June 2017

Traveling Light/ 6-18-17/ Luke 6: 12-19; Mark 6: 7-13/ Rev. Rodger Allen

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During these summer months, when vacations happen, as we plan trips to the beach, trips to the mountains, or trips to see family and friends, we try to be prepared for those trips. Such trips involve packing, of course—trying to think of, and to fit into the suitcase and into the car and onto the plane, everything we’re going to need while we’re on the trip. The following scene, which was common in my family, is probably not unfamiliar to you either: Dad is packing the car for a week’s vacation, trying to take advantage of every possible cubic inch of space in the station wagon, arranging suitcases first one way then another, putting things in then taking them back out, asking “What’s left in there?” and “Do we really need to take this?” The kids are making the trips back and forth from the garage, carrying the last few items, while trying to calculate when to make the last trip to the bathroom. Mom is finishing up packing the lunch, and thinking “what else should we be taking” and “why do I have the feeling I’m forgetting something.” […]

July 2016

“Confronting Our Complacency” 7/17/16 Scripture: Amos 8:1-12; Ps 15; Col 1:15-23 by Rev. Laurie Williams

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          Doesn’t a nice summer basket of fruit sound refreshing and delicious? It conjures up a warm summer day with lots of sunshine and red, orange, green, black, purple and blue juicy fruit waiting to be eaten and enjoyed.  The prophet Amos, in the Old Testament book of the very same name, starts with that exact image.  But…   I’ll get back to that in a minute. […]

Who Else Is My Neighbor? 7-3.16 Luke 10: 25-37; Deut. 6:1-7; Lev. 19:18 Rev. Rodger Allen & Rev. Laurie Williams

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{The following was presented as a dialogue sermon by Rev. Laurie (“L”) and Rev. Rodger (“R”). The “shift in direction” in the middle of the sermon was suggested by Arthur McGill in his book Suffering.} L: Our New Testament lesson . . . R: Excuse me! Do I understand correctly, that you’re planning to tell us that old Good Samaritan story again this morning? Because my impression of these folks, by now, is that they’re pretty good Christians—they go to church, they know their Bibles. So that’s one story they’ve already heard, and know all about! […]

“A Double Portion of Love” 6/26/16 Scripture: Galatians 5:13-25, 2 Kings 2:1-3,6-14 by Rev. Laurie Williams

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            In the Presbyterian tradition, as in many mainline Protestant religions through the ages, we have not referred to the Holy Spirit all that often. We tend to leave that to the Evangelicals and Charismatics.  However, and of course, the Holy Spirit is the ever-present 3rd person of the Trinity (Father/Son/Holy Spirit, all three God in one) and certainly is vastly important to our good discipleship and stewardship, leading us to the best way to live as righteous Christians, as I always say- a righteousness not to be confused with self-righteousness, as we embody and witness to Godly holiness in our lives. […]