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June 2017

“No Marionettes Here!” 6/25/17 Scripture: Romans 6:1b-11; 1 Corinthians 3:1-9, 11 by Rev. Laurie Williams

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            I have pondered the topic for my sermon for this morning quite often, especially when some tragedy befalls my family, this town, our nation, or the entire world or when I feel God is pushing me in a way I don’t want to or feel competent to go.  The topic of my sermon this morning is partnership with God.  On several occasions, Rodger has heard me say, in response to something I hear or when we’re discussing peoples’ opinions concerning something, “We aren’t puppets”.  We do have free will to choose God or not, to follow the way Jesus Christ wants or not (even if we do say we believe in him,) to decide if we want to go the way God seems to want us to go or not. […]

“Trinity Sunday, More Than a Blip” 6/11/17 Scripture: by Rev. Laurie Williams

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         Many Winter Olympic fans watch the pairs skating.  It intrigues watchers because of its split-second timing, precision choreography, and daring feats.  For some elements, both skaters perform the same move with perfect symmetry.  Other elements of the routine such as lifts, throws and certain jumps require different movements for the man and woman.  In thinking of “pairs” skating as three people instead of two, it could serve as an illustration of the Trinity. […]

May 2017

“Stumbling Over Jesus?” 5/7/17 Scripture: 1 Peter 2:1-10, Romans 9 (selected verses) by Rev. Laurie Williams

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          Rodger and I enjoyed going to a place back in Pennsylvania called McConnell’s Mills.  There is an old grain mill there that people can tour but the great attraction is the grounds that surrounded that Mill.  On long, winding and excruciating many steep steps, the grounds above the Mill held a beautiful picnic area where many people gathered on nice days.  Down by the Mill was a large creek with a spillway which helped power the Mill back when it was operational.  It had a huge wheel that turned by the force of tons of water that then powered the equipment inside.  These days the huge wheel still goes round and round even though there is no equipment to run.  There is a relatively flat, long path for walking by the creek both directions from the Mill.  One could go steeper off the path if one wanted to hike up to some of the huge rocks and, Rodger and I did that occasionally.  Those rocks were solid and immovable.  However, down on the path was a different story.  There were all sizes and shapes of stones and pebbles that could cause one to stumble.  Now, you have to understand that my family says my middle name is “grace,” (it is really Ann,) quite sarcastically, because if there was something to stumble over I would find it and trip over it.  Not graceful at all!  To this day, when I trip or fall and try to catch myself looking totally awkward I often state, “Just call me Grace!”  I’m even worse now, at times, because of fibromyalgia that plays havoc with my balance and any little bit of coordination I use to have.  […]

April 2017

“Events of Jesus’ Life #13: Challenges From Without” 4/2/17 Scripture: Mt 9:9-11; 12:1-2, 9-10; 22;15-17, 23-28, 34-36/Rev. Laurie Williams

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         A teacher in a public school was teaching her third grade students about mammals in the sea. She mentioned that the whale is a large animal living in the sea. Even though it is one of the largest sea creatures, it has a very narrow throat, and so it cannot swallow an adult human [...]

October 2016

“Caterpillar’s Mushy Mess” 10/2/16 World Communion Sunday Scripture: 2 Cor. 5:11, 14-20 Mark 11:19-25 by Rev. Laurie Williams

By |October 4th, 2016|Sermons|

           Out of our denomination’s national Mission Agency during the past month has come a daily short article, an action the reader can take and a prayer, all leading up to today’s World Communion and Peace and Global Witness offering.  I have read many of those as I receive them in my email at the church.  I wanted to share this one with you to start off my sermon.  It is entitled Caterpillar Soup.  “Everyone loves the story of how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. I remember as a child in the classroom watching a caterpillar get fatter as it ate through leaves, watching it spin itself into a chrysalis. What was happening inside? What would be the outcome of this transformation? And then that amazing day when a beautiful butterfly emerged always amazed me. Something new was born. […]