“When We’re Stumped” Sermon from 12-13-15/ Rodger Allen/ Isaiah 11:1-10 & Isaiah 2: 1-5

By |December 17th, 2015|Advent-Christmas, Sermons|

“When We’re Stumped” 12-13-15 Rodger Allen Isaiah 11:1-10 & Isaiah 2: 1-5 The country of Assyria loomed like a dark shadow threatening Israel for many years, years during which several books of the Old Testament were written. So as we read books like Amos and Hosea and Isaiah, we do so knowing that lurking in the background is this monster Assyria. It was a large nation, and a powerful one, and one bent on expansion and domination. It had a mighty army, and a desire to conquer more and more territory and enslave the inhabitants. And it was a cruel nation, intimidating those whom it conquered through threat and torture and death. […]