October 2017

“Rules and Freedom” 10/8/17 Scripture: Mt. 21:33-43, 45, 46; Ex. 20:1-4, 7-10a, 12-17a/Rev. Laurie Williams

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Rodger really enjoys the beach so we have been to— oh, I don’t know— maybe a dozen or so different beaches in our 26 years of marriage.  I’m not a fan of laying around in the sand and getting sand everywhere on me but I do like to walk along the water’s edge, watch children and sometimes adults building sandcastles with moats, and generally enjoy the festive atmosphere.  Just about all of those beaches had a long set of rules beach-goers were to follow or risk being asked to leave. Rules like: your dog must be leashed at all times; do not go into the water if the red flag is up; do not go into the water if there is no lifeguard present; and do not leave your trash on the beach.  How those rules were to be accomplished were not spelled out.  That was left up to the visitors to decide.  […]

“Bold Peace for Reconciliation” 10/1/17 World Wide Communion Sunday Scripture: Mt 5:38-45a; Ex 1 Rev. Laurie Williams

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            Our Gospel passage is part of what is commonly known as the Sermon on the Mount.  Many scholars see a connection between the Law of Moses in Exodus and Jesus’ teachings in this particular Sermon.  Jesus was teaching his disciples and, as was often the case, a large crowd of people joined them and listened to Jesus who was becoming known as a wise rabbi.  Before our passage, in chapter 4, Jesus proclaimed, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.”  ‘What Jesus meant by “Repent” was:  Do away with your shallowness and your sinful ways and turn to God who is solely good so that by this you will be reconciled to the Lord. […]

September 2017

God the Provider/9-17-17/Exodus 14: 5-14, 21-28; Exodus 16: 1-4a, 6-15, 31/ Rev. Rodger Allen

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  We looked, off and on this summer, at the stories of God and a multi-generation family in the book of Genesis: God with Abraham and Sarah; with Isaac and Rebekah; with Jacob, Leah, and Rachel; with Joseph. And we learned, among other things, that out of that history came a name for God that recurs throughout the rest of the Bible: “the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” Two Sundays ago, we heard an Old Testament story that comes only a couple pages after Joseph, but 400 years later: God calling to a man named Moses, from a burning bush, to give him a mission of leading the descendants of Abraham and Isaac out of slavery in Egypt. Moses, and God, carry out a series of plagues on the Egyptians, which convinces them to let their Hebrew slaves go. We see God in these stories as “God the Liberator,” freeing the people of God. […]

“Pay Attention: Listen and Show” 9/3/17 Scripture: Romans 12:9-21; Ex. 3:1-8c, 10-12 by Rev. Laurie Williams

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           I remember when I was working with someone who did not appreciate being asked to “pay attention.”  It is true that at times this can be a command by someone in authority that sets one’s teeth on edge and gets one’s back up, so to speak, but in this case the person really did need to learn to pay attention.  Saying “Pay attention” to this person was in fact, at times, necessary to get them to listen and then show a change in the behavior necessary to fulfill what was needed. […]

August 2017


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    Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is in touch with presbyteries in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey, standing by with resources and National Response Team members. For those who wish to support PDA’s emergency response and recovery efforts, gifts can be designated to DR000169-Harvey. Checks may be sent to: Presbyterian Church (USA), PO Box 643700, [...]