June 2017

“No Marionettes Here!” 6/25/17 Scripture: Romans 6:1b-11; 1 Corinthians 3:1-9, 11 by Rev. Laurie Williams

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            I have pondered the topic for my sermon for this morning quite often, especially when some tragedy befalls my family, this town, our nation, or the entire world or when I feel God is pushing me in a way I don’t want to or feel competent to go.  The topic of my sermon this morning is partnership with God.  On several occasions, Rodger has heard me say, in response to something I hear or when we’re discussing peoples’ opinions concerning something, “We aren’t puppets”.  We do have free will to choose God or not, to follow the way Jesus Christ wants or not (even if we do say we believe in him,) to decide if we want to go the way God seems to want us to go or not. […]

Traveling Light/ 6-18-17/ Luke 6: 12-19; Mark 6: 7-13/ Rev. Rodger Allen

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During these summer months, when vacations happen, as we plan trips to the beach, trips to the mountains, or trips to see family and friends, we try to be prepared for those trips. Such trips involve packing, of course—trying to think of, and to fit into the suitcase and into the car and onto the plane, everything we’re going to need while we’re on the trip. The following scene, which was common in my family, is probably not unfamiliar to you either: Dad is packing the car for a week’s vacation, trying to take advantage of every possible cubic inch of space in the station wagon, arranging suitcases first one way then another, putting things in then taking them back out, asking “What’s left in there?” and “Do we really need to take this?” The kids are making the trips back and forth from the garage, carrying the last few items, while trying to calculate when to make the last trip to the bathroom. Mom is finishing up packing the lunch, and thinking “what else should we be taking” and “why do I have the feeling I’m forgetting something.” […]

Congratulations to our 2017 Graduates Brittany Scott and Morgan Jipp

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On May 28, 2017 we honored our high school graduates Brittany Scott and Morgan Jipp, shown here. Brittany attended Terre Haute South High School, and swam on the varsity team for four years. She will continue her swimming career at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and plans to major in history education and minor in psychology. [...]

YOU can help keep our gorgeous gardens in bloom!

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             Please SIGN-UP for watering our gorgeous gardens, planters (5), by our front church sign, and under our four large trees—the front two by the parking lot and two near the west side entrance walkway. Sign-up sheet is in the back of the sanctuary.  Please take a week, if you are able, so the work [...]

“Stewards of Pentecost” 6/4/17 Scripture: Acts 11:19-23, 29-30 by Rev. Laurie Williams

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         I enjoy creating acrostic sentences out of one word.  I take the first letter of a particular word I have chosen and create words out of each letter of that word.  I’ve used this in my preaching over the last 13 years a time or two.  In writing this sermon, I found a website that helps to create what they call acrostic poems so that one types in the word one wants to turn into an acrostic poem and the site gives you a list of words for each of the letters of that word.  I decided not to subject you to a 9 line poem for our word but instead created two separate sentences using the same word to guide a brief message for today.  […]