The deadline for ordering flowers for Easter is March 12! If you’d like to order a tulip or lily, please print the form below, fill out, then mail or bring to the church office. Thank you!


_____ I/We will give $ _______ to the Deacons Fund with the understanding that the flower will be delivered to a special person.

_____ I/We will give $ _______ to the Deacons Fund and would like to take a flower home  following the Easter service.


The Deacons pay approximately $18.00 for the tulips and the lilies. You may also want to give an extra gift to the work of the Deacons on top of this. 

 If your gift is a memorial or in honor of a loved one, please include this below for inclusion in the Easter bulletin.

 Memorial/In Honor of (please circle memorial or in honor):




Please sign here: ______________________________________________________________