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December 2019

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

By |December 23rd, 2019|Announcements|

Tuesday, December 24 worship, 11 P.M.: Midnight . . . Candlelight . . . “Silent Night” . . . That’s Christmas Eve. Please don’t miss our beautiful 11 P.M. to Midnight Candlelight Christmas Eve service. We will tell the Christmas story in lessons and carols, featuring much special music and the series of Bible readings [...]

“People of Advent: Mary”/Luke 1:26-38, 46-55 (Isaiah 35: 1-10)/Rev. Rodger Allen/12-15-19

By |December 17th, 2019|Advent-Christmas, Sermons|

            This season of Advent, we have been pointing out, is a season of preparation for Christians. And not just preparing in the sense of decorating the house, and baking the cookies, and shopping for the presents for Christmas; but also the preparing of our selves, a look inside, a time for reflection and any needed repentance. How do we do that kind of preparation? Where do we look to find out how to prepare? Well, perhaps some guidance is available from some of the people who prepared themselves for the first coming of Jesus, so long ago. Perhaps they can in some ways serve as a model or example for us, as we seek to do our preparation now. […]

“People of Advent: John the Baptist”/Matthew 3:1-12; Isaiah 40: 1-5, 9-11, 31 (and within: Matthew 11:7-11a)/Rodger Allen 12-8-19

By |December 12th, 2019|Sermons|

So, who invited this John the Baptist guy to our Christmas celebrations anyway? Why does he have to be part of our holiday preparations? Here we are, having a grand old time with our decorating, shopping, baking, and singing “Deck the Halls/Silver Bells/Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” . . . and along comes a guy—an ascetic [...]

“Entering the Season of Advent”/Isaiah 11:1-10; John 1:1-9; Isaiah 2:1-5/Rev. Rodger Allen/12-1-19

By |December 10th, 2019|Sermons|

Today is the first day of  the season of Advent, on our worship calendar. In fact, today is “New Year’s Day” on our worship calendar, the first day of the worship year, which makes sense when you consider that Jesus Christ is the center of our religion and worship, and that Christmas celebrates the beginning of his life, and that Advent is the time for us Christians to get ready for that beginning; this season becomes the logical starting point. So Happy New Year! We enter this season, and this worship year, today with a series of four reflections on Advent, which I’ve put together from a variety of sources and my own reflection. At the end of each reading, we’ll ask you to please join in singing the listed verse of the classic Advent hymn “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” Please remain seated for that singing. The hope is that this observance will aid us in the reason for this season: preparing for the coming of the Lord. […]

November 2019

Annual Christmas Puppet Musical Scheduled for December 15, 2 p.m.

By |November 25th, 2019|Announcements|

            The Sonshine Puppeteers are working on their annual Christmas musical to be presented December 15 at 2 p.m. in the assembly room.             This year’s musical is entitled “Waiting for Christmas: Celebrating the Heart of the Season.” It is comprised of two puppets whose characters serve as the story’s narrators and the choir [...]